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Writing a research thesis for a research Masters, PhD or professional doctorate is one of the most demanding tasks you will face in your working life. It will test your specialist intellectual skills, your motivation and self-discipline, and your writing ability. Not only do you have to formulate a viable research question and follow the research methods of your discipline, but you must then write it all up in what is really a short scholarly book in immaculate English prose. Even the very brightest research students run into difficulties at one point or another in the rigorous thesis writing process, which is why the Australian Vice Chancellors Committee has approved a policy allowing students to use the services of a thesis editor.

Here at TEXTWORK we can help you through the thesis writing process, so that you submit the very best thesis you can within your deadline. We work with students located almost anywhere in the world. As long as you're writing your thesis in English, we can help you.

As PhD-qualified editors, we work to improve the clarity and flow of your writing. We check that you have a convincing argument and that you express yourself in language that is appropriate to the academic examination context.

At TEXTWORK we offer different thesis services depending on how close to completion you are and the thesis issues you need help with.

1. Copy edit and format: We provide a comprehensive check of grammar, style, expression, argumentation and punctuation of your final draft and ensure that the entire document is professionally formatted by attaching templates and styles, positioning figures and tables and checking page layout.

2. Structural edit: If you are unsure of how best to organize your research into a thesis, we work with you to review the material you have accumulated so far, to consider how best to present it in chapters of the thesis, and to identify any gaps in your research or inconsistencies in your argument that you will need to follow up.

3. Thesis consultancy: Your research supervisor may not be available as often as you would like, or you may feel too daunted by your supervisor's status to ask for the advice you need. We work with you in a relaxed atmosphere to clarify your research question, identify research steps and conceptualise the thesis overall. We cannot replace your supervisor's specialist knowledge of your field, but we can help you to define your research task more clearly and give you the confidence to show your material to your supervisor and ask specific questions to advance your research.

When to contact TEXTWORK

If possible, please contact Textwork well in advance of your submission date. This allows us to discuss how we can help and to book a provisional date at which you will send Textwork your thesis (or sections of it). We understand that completion dates can slip, so we ask you to keep us informed of any delays so that we can revise our schedule and keep the necessary time free for your thesis. During the busy submission periods we work to tight deadlines.


Our Procedure:

Make first contact

If you're interested in using Testwork's services, please email . In your email please tell us: what degree you're enrolled in, the anticipated length of your thesis, your thesis title or disciplinary area and what stage you're up to in the thesis writing process.

When the thesis is ready for editing

When you're ready, you email your thesis to Textwork as an MSWord document. You can either send a complete final draft or you can send the thesis chapter by chapter, as you finish your final revisions. Your Textwork editor will do a rapid first assessment and confirm with you by email the estimated cost and return date.

We edit on-screen, using MSWord's track changes options, inserting queries for you to respond to. Given the complexity of a thesis, the file may go back and forwards between you and your editor two or three times, until all queries are resolved. With large theses, we may set up a dropbox or other cloud process to make exchanging the file easier.

When all the editing is finished, your Textwork editor will send you a clean Word file (no tracked changes) and a PDF formatted ready for printing. We can also manage the printing and binding stages of the thesis for you, if required.

Testwork's code of conduct

All the research and content of any thesis we edit must be your work. Textwork's editors will not research or write first drafts for you. All we will do is edit your thesis to improve structure, expression, sense and style. In other words, we do not do your research for you, but we help your research to shine!


As soon as the job is finalised, Textwork will email you a tax invoice. You can pay by online bank transfer, cheque or any major credit card, through the PayPal secure international payment option. Details of each option will appear on your invoice. Payment is due within 14 days.

Progress Payments

For theses over 50,000 words, Textwork may request a progress payment half-way through the editing process.

Free demonstration and estimate

Send Textwork one representative chapter of your thesis, and specify your total word count, and we will provide three pages of sample editing and an estimate of the cost for the total editing job.

Email your chapter to: to request a demonstration and estimate.

You may be entitled to claim a contribution towards editing costs from your scholarship provider or university. Editing costs may also be a tax deduction.

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"I was really struggling to pull my thesis together by the submission deadline. I knew it was too dense but I couldn't work out how to cut it down. I can't thank you enough for editing it so carefully. Your comments and suggestions were even more useful than feedback from my supervisor."
- Penny L. (PhD candidate in nursing)

"Are PhD students allowed to say 'wow'? I can't thank you enough for your help. It looks like a thesis!"
- J.G. (PhD candidate in Arts/Social Sciences)