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Suzanne Eggins

Suzanne EgginsTextwork was set up in 2004 by Suzanne Eggins. Suzanne completed a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Sydney and worked for more than twenty years in Australian universities teaching English linguistics and professional writing. Suzanne has also worked as a research fellow in healthcare communication. She is a published author of academic textbooks and journal articles and journalism for general readers. As an editor, Suzanne has managed a literary magazine for children and edited PhD and Masters theses in social sciences, humanities and business. In 2010, when Suzanne moved to Canberra, she scribed for many federal government departments and worked as a government editor and plain English trainer, which is where she met Bernadette Hince, who joined Textwork in 2014.


Bernadette Hince

Bernadette HinceAfter degrees in Arts (English) and Science (botany, earth sciences, geography) Bernadette Hince completed an MSc in historical botany and a PhD in environmental history. She is an editor, writer and dictionary-maker. As an editor, Bernadette has worked for many different university departments, and for government, scientific institutions and publishing houses in Australia, New Zealand and Kenya. She has edited a refereed scientific journal, and written on science, history, the polar regions, food, and language.


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